Baguettes with olive flour

Baguettes with olive flour

Eva 26 mayo, 2017
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Today I come with a variety, somewhat peculiar, of the traditional baguettes. We will make them a bit special and we will prepare baguettes with olive flour. Yes, you have read it perfectly, olive flour. This flour is made from the olive seeds milling. The flavor is very pleasant and intense, transforming our breads completely.

In addition, with the arrival of good weather always like making short getaways in the countryside and enjoy some good homemade sandwiches. If we use homemade bread, much better. These baguettes are made with yeast, which is the traditional method to elaborate them, since this type of bread originated to speed up the baking process after the law imposed on bakers in the year 1920.

Of course I know that sourdough baguette is much more attractive because we get a very open crumb, in addition to being healthier and have a slightly higher shelf life. So you can always adapt the recipe to make it with this natural preferment.

Baguettes con harina de aceitunas
Making good use of olive flour.

Yes I want to make a small recommendation on the olive flour use, so that your breads have the best possible result when baking with it. It is a type of flour that we will not have to abuse, in fact I do not recommend adding more than 5% of the total weight of the flour. I know it may look like a small amount but it is a potent ingredient with a high amount of fat, and excessive addition could damage the final result of the bread.

Baguettes con harina de aceitunas

Not only in flavor but also in volume and sponginess. It is not a flour that alone is easy to bake, we must use it as a seasoning to bring flavor and aroma. In addition we can add, if we wish, olive seeds (you will find them along with the olive flour) to the dough to potentiate and further texture our baguettes. Of course, in that case remember that these must always be added at the end of the kneading, when our dough already has the fully developed gluten.

Baguettes con harina de aceitunas
Correct baking is important to achieve a good final result of the baguettes.

A good baking is important so that our baguettes come out perfect and, in this step, we will be very useful the Emile Henry´s oven. I know that many of you have consulted me about their method of use. I commented on the post of the baguettes de tradition, but we will make a quick summary:

  • When baking bread, we must always preheat the oven, such as stone / steel sheet, Dutch Oven or in this case the ceramic oven of Emile Henry.
  • We should not place the baguettes in the cold ceramic oven and transfer in the oven, that way the result will be a soft baguette with a crust absent from the peculiar crunchy texture. We must always preheat it to favor the expansion of the bread in addition to achieving a crisp and thin crust.
  • The end of the baking must be using convection oven, that way we favor even more the outside crust and gold.
Baguettes con harina de aceitunas

Remember that each oven is different, if with the time and temperature that I specify in the recipe the baguettes do not end up being crispy and / or golden, in that case, prolong the final time of baking to get a perfect baking.

These baguettes with olive flour are ideal to enjoy in a sandwich or accompanied with some tapas at the weekend or enjoying a good tomato, fresh cheese (which, by the way, here you have how to do it at home) and a good dash of olive oil .

To read the complete recipe of how to make these baguettes, you can go to Claudia & Julia´s blog.

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Baguettes con harina de aceitunas

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