PrincessSemla, Swedish pastryVideo recipe

PrincessSemla, Swedish pastry

I’m coming over with some princess stuff today. Yes, I know, maybe it doesn’t fit me at all, but know that it’s something I like very much. I’ve always liked fairy tales, stories and legends of fantastic creatures, fairies, elves and everything related to the world of fantasy. You see, we all have our things and I have my cheesy side. Hahaha. But, that also has its good side and it fills me with pride and satisfaction to be able to bring you these wonderful sweet pastry. PrincessSemla.
Can there be anything in the world more beautiful than this?

Eva14 febrero, 2020
Cheese Blintz Soufflé, the best crepe cakeTarts & Pies

Cheese Blintz Soufflé, the best crepe cake

I have always been a super fan of cheesecakes… and everything related with cheese. I love it, at my parents home we looked like mice. It was always a good time to eat cheese.

Eva9 diciembre, 2016


Toban-Djan tomato creamSoups

Toban-Djan tomato cream

It seems that time is already asking us to make creams and soups to cope the cold better. That or I missed them so much that my body is what makes me believe! In any case, I have already taken up 100% of the oven, starting this new season with this Toban-Djan tomato cream.

Eva20 septiembre, 2017
Skillet Chocolate Chip & Nutella CookieCookies

Skillet Chocolate Chip & Nutella Cookie

You won’t believe it, but despite having gone to Tony Roma´s a lot of times, I’ve never eaten the famous Skillet Chocolate Cookie. 

Eva22 marzo, 2019


Torte EszterházyVideo recipe

Torte Eszterházy

I know I always tell you the same thing, and the next week I come back with another new cake, hahaha. Now seriously, I promise you I’ll do more than just cake. Just as long as there aren’t any irresistible beauties that get in my way.

Eva24 enero, 2020

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