How to make blooming marshmallow flowerVideo recipe

How to make blooming marshmallow flower

When I was little I liked goodies a lot, I think like the vast majority of children. But it’s one of those things that, as you grow up, you lose the pleasure for them. You go from loving them to feeling total indifference? Except with marshmallows. I think I’m going to like this for the rest of my life. Today I leave you a very simple preparation that, despite not being children, we can still enjoy a lot. How to make blooming  marshmallow flower.

Eva14 enero, 2022
Goulash and Knedliky, Czech Republic recipeSoups

Goulash and Knedliky, Czech Republic recipe

You won’t believe it, but I prepared this Goulash and Knedliky recipe last year in September. I took the photos and saved it on the hard drive, along with another bunch of recipes that I have not yet left, to publish it during the winter.

Eva12 enero, 2022


Moroccan chicken and almond bastilaTarts & Pies

Moroccan chicken and almond bastila

If you like gastronomy from different parts of the world and, on this particular occasion, from Morocco, you can’t miss today’s recipe.

Eva20 junio, 2018


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