Sourdough Challah BreadVideo recipe

Sourdough Challah Bread

I’ve been wanting to make a recipe for Challah bread for a long time. I remember that I had a season, almost when I started with the blog, that made a lot of this variety of bread. But it’s also true that I didn’t know much about dough at that time and the result wasn’t usually what I expected. Something that is completely normal when we don’t know well how to work with dough, how to shape and manipulate it. So a few days ago I got this Sourdough Challah Bread and made my day.

Eva18 mayo, 2020
How to make Glass Bread with yeast – Pan de CristalBread

How to make Glass Bread with yeast – Pan de Cristal

I must confess that the bread I brought you today was almost a personal challenge for me. I’ve been wanting to get into high-hydration breads for a long time, but I have to admit that they always gave me a bit of respect.

Eva10 mayo, 2020


How to make easy breadBread

How to make easy bread

I’ve been working all week on an easy bread recipe to help you through these difficult times. We must avoid going out to the streets as much as possible, for that reason I have made this post on How to make easy bread.

Eva27 marzo, 2020
Vegan Sausage Hot DogVegetables & others

Vegan Sausage Hot Dog

I have prepared a lot of veggie burgers on the blog (if you want to see more recipes, you can do it on the Spanish section), at home we like them a lot, although I have to admit that we will never say no to a good meat burger.

Eva28 septiembre, 2018


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