Roman-style pan pizzaVideo recipe

Roman-style pan pizza

I had promised you an easy and delicious pizza recipe, what I can’t promise is that it will be fast. But that doesn’t mean we have to be with it all the time… We make it, put it in the fridge and forget about it for a day or two. The result? Exceptional. Roman-style pan pizza better known as Pizza in teglia alla romana.
Another concept totally different from the one we have in mind about homemade pizza, but for those of you who love thick, honeycombed dough, with a soft and super delicate crumb and a crispy crust.

Eva16 junio, 2024
Martha Rocha CakeVideo recipe

Martha Rocha Cake

I must admit that what caught my attention the most about the cake I’m bringing you today was the spun egg decoration…. Could it be anything more retro or vintage with that element? Impossible!

Eva9 junio, 2024


Cherry Pie with flaky pie crustVideo recipe

Cherry Pie with flaky pie crust

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’ve always wanted to bake traditional American pies with the idyllic movie visualization where we take them out of the oven, in our retro chic kitchen with pastel colors, vases of flowers and beautiful appliances.

Eva26 mayo, 2024

Later posts.

Gâteau BasqueVideo recipe

Gâteau Basque

For a long time I have wanted to bring you the recipe for this simple and spectacular Gâteau Basque. We often tend to complicate our recipes thinking that the more laborious the recipe, the better the result.

Eva12 mayo, 2024