Vampire CocktailDrinks

Vampire Cocktail

I’ve been wanting to share this Vampire Cocktail with you for a long time. But, given the festivities we have just gone through, it didn’t seem like a suitable recipe to share at this time. But, as Easter is over, now is the time to share and enjoy this very different and peculiar cocktail.
You can imagine, but I’ll tell you anyway. It wasn’t just the look of this cocktail that completely caught my attention, it was the name. I love the name, I love the colour and I absolutely adore its entire composition.

Eva6 abril, 2021
Mazurek or Mazurka, traditional Polish pastryVideo recipe

Mazurek or Mazurka, traditional Polish pastry

This year I wanted to leave you with several recipes to make at Easter and, with this last one, I am a little short of time…. But, there is still time to make it and enjoy it during these days, together with the great amount of Easter recipes that we have at our fingertips.

Eva1 abril, 2021


Vienna BreadVideo recipe

Vienna Bread

I have been wanting to make the classic Vienna Bread for quite some time to share it with you and make it part of the recipe book. I am well aware that it is a very classic and traditional recipe, which I am sure many of you already know and have made. 

Eva20 febrero, 2021


Pa Fullat – Laminated BreadBread

Pa Fullat – Laminated Bread

If there are two things I really enjoy making, they are, without a doubt, bread and laminated doughs. Lately I have been practising a lot more in these two areas in order to learn as much as possible about viennoiseries doughs.

Eva5 febrero, 2021

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