Fruit Cake with Nougat CreamVideo recipe

Fruit Cake with Nougat Cream

I can’t contain my vintage and old-fashioned self, lately I’m overflowing with this style…. Today I bring you a Fruit Cake with nougat cream. Yes, I know, the whole thing is very old fashioned, but for months I’ve been dying to bring you a cake in this style. Curiously, when I was little, I hated fruit tarts. I could not understand the reason for this decoration, they were totally unnecessary for me. Fortunately, time teaches us, educates us and allows us to gain incredible values in all aspects, but also for our palate.

Eva25 febrero, 2024
Torta matera, Argentinean sponge cake with pastry creamSponge cake

Torta matera, Argentinean sponge cake with pastry cream

It’s been a long time since I left you one of those super simple recipes, without difficulty or complication in the process and that you enjoy a lot.

Eva18 febrero, 2024

Valentine's day.

Strawberry Box Cake with yuzu namelakaVideo recipe

Strawberry Box Cake with yuzu namelaka

I’m finally getting back to baking cakes. Don’t think that I don’t want to make them anymore, far from it. It is one of the elaborations that I most like to carry out because they allow me to extend my creativity much more than other elaborations.

Eva3 mayo, 2023

Later posts.

Vintage Heart CakeVideo recipe

Vintage Heart Cake

I know you already imagine…. I have made the cake of my dreams! I have been able to let out all my inner kitsch (I’m telling you it’s huge), loud, gaudy, extravagant to leave you with this Vintage Heart Cake.

Eva11 febrero, 2024