Torte EszterházyVideo recipe

Torte Eszterházy

I know I always tell you the same thing, and the next week I come back with another new cake, hahaha. Now seriously, I promise you I’ll do more than just cake. Just as long as there aren’t any irresistible beauties that get in my way. Or any crazy ideas of my own. Of course, you can imagine how I refuse to make a cake like today’s, for example. It’s just that no matter how many recipes I have prepared or programmed, it takes absolute priority even if I want to resist.

Eva24 enero, 2020
How to make homemade ensaimadaVideo recipe

How to make homemade ensaimada

I like a lot of things about Majorca (Mallorca), not only its spectacular beaches and landscapes, Mahón cheese (its origin is from Menorca) and its sobrassada.

Eva2 marzo, 2018

Blood orange.

Spicy red lentils soup with arugula picadaSoups

Spicy red lentils soup with arugula picada

Stews are dishes that my family like very much, especially in this cold weather we are having. It is true what they like best are the traditional dishes such as “cocido” (Spanish stew made with chickpeas), lentils, meat stews…

Eva27 noviembre, 2017


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