Gersois Pastis – Pastis GasconVideo recipe

Gersois Pastis – Pastis Gascon

The world of doughs has always been extraordinary to me, in fact I have two weaknesses; laminated doughs and very extensible and elastic doughs. This does not leave aside the enriched doughs under any circumstances… But we always have some preferences. Today I show you how to prepare Gersois Pastis – Pastis Gascon in its easiest and simplest format, because this elaboration made in an artisanal way, is very laborious.
First of all, I want to clarify that the presentation that I leave you is not the traditional one.

Eva1 octubre, 2023
Hungarian Cottage Cheese Cake – Rákóczi TúrósVideo recipe

Hungarian Cottage Cheese Cake – Rákóczi Túrós

I love to travel through the gastronomy of each place, surely you have already noticed this… Nothing makes me happier than to take you by the hand and take you to discover gastronomic and cultural gems, accompanied by their history and traditions.

Eva24 septiembre, 2023


How to make Maraschino style candied cherriesVideo recipe

How to make Maraschino style candied cherries

Surely many of you are like me, you love candied cherries or Maraschino cherries, but it is not easy to access them in the latter case.

Eva2 julio, 2023

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