Almond cream and apricot tartVideo recipe

Almond cream and apricot tart

I think this is the first year I’ve been publishing at this time. But as I told you, I didn’t want to take a break until September without leaving you this recipe since it is made with seasonal fruits and flowers. Because when else will we be able to make this almond cream and apricot tart if not in the summer? I can’t leave it waiting until next year… It would be awful for me to deprive you of it! It’s true that if we have the apricots in syrup made, we can make it whenever we want.

Eva23 julio, 2020
How to make apricots in syrupFermented & preserved food

How to make apricots in syrup

When the fruit season arrives that we cannot find the rest of the year, I like to prepare them in different ways to preserve them for a long time.

Eva16 julio, 2020

Summer recipes.

Chilled apricot cream with fennelSoups

Chilled apricot cream with fennel

We are back after holidays, which have been great, and I do with this chilled apricot cream with fennel. The truth it is a complicated summer to get the menu at home. We have a day of frightful heat and the next day dawn gray with torrential rains …

Eva10 julio, 2017
S´more Ice CreamIce creams

S´more Ice Cream

What I like most about summer is that it is a time of the year when you can enjoy it to the fullest, in all its aspects. And if it’s with ice cream, much better.

Eva6 julio, 2018


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