Charlotte aux fraises – Strawberry Mousse CharlotteVideo recipe

Charlotte aux fraises – Strawberry Mousse Charlotte

I have been wanting to prepare a Charlotte aux fraises or Strawberry Mousse Charlotte for years. It is one of those elaborations, classic and traditional, that has always caught my attention, but for some reason it has been delayed in time. This year I was very clear that, when strawberries were in full season, I was going to prepare it.
Curiously, I have never really liked strawberries in sweet preparations. I do like them plain, with whipped cream, or in a milkshake. But it has taken me years to enjoy them in sweet recipes.

Eva13 mayo, 2022
Chilled aromatic soup with tomato and toasted breadSoups

Chilled aromatic soup with tomato and toasted bread

When the hot weather starts to come, we only want to eat light and fresh dishes which help us to fight the high temperatures. But without stopping eating well.

Eva11 junio, 2018


Chickpea saladSalad

Chickpea salad

When the warm weather arrives, fresh and light recipes are what you most want to eat. In fact, anything we can make in a salad or cream format is always welcome. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t wait for the spring/summer to come and enjoy things like that. 

Eva28 mayo, 2019
Watermelon, pea and quinoa saladSalad

Watermelon, pea and quinoa salad

I don’t know about you, but with this hot weather I just want salads, cold creams, gazpacho to liters and things like these. I think we’ve asked for the cold weather and the rain to go away too high… hahaha. Well, I’m more of a warm-weather guy, so I’m not gonna complain much. In addition, there is always a solution for every situation. 

Eva25 junio, 2018
Sicilian Watermelon Tart – Crostata al Gelo di AnguriaVideo recipe

Sicilian Watermelon Tart – Crostata al Gelo di Anguria

Let’s go preparing recipes for the summer, heat and good weather so that we are not caught off guard. The recipe that I bring you today I wanted to do it for a long time, about 2 years, but we know that these things happen many times…

Eva23 mayo, 2021


Mantou, Chinese yuzu steamed bunVideo recipe

Mantou, Chinese yuzu steamed bun

I have to admit that I’ve taken a ” addiction ” for steamed breads…. Since I made the longevity peaches, I have not been able to stop trying different elaborations (and formations). And as I would love you to join me on this beautiful path, today I leave you with making Mantou, Chinese yuzu steamed bun. 

Eva6 mayo, 2022
Kaab El Ghazal – Gazelle HornsVideo recipe

Kaab El Ghazal – Gazelle Horns

I believe that, without a doubt, one of the most aromatic and elegant pastries that we can enjoy is everything that surrounds Arabian gastronomy. I have already told you about it on occasion, but I do it again. Today I expand my repertoire with this recipe for Kaab El Ghazal – Gazelle Horns. 

Eva23 abril, 2022

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