Moroccan chicken and almond bastilaTarts & Pies

Moroccan chicken and almond bastila

If you like gastronomy from different parts of the world and, on this particular occasion, from Morocco, you can’t miss today’s recipe. It is a pie that will surprise our palate thanks to a combination of sweet and salty flavors. Moroccan chicken and almond bastila.
It is a process that requires a little time to carry out. We will prepare 3 different types of filling, which we will then combine in layers in a buttered, filo dough wrapper. Bake, sprinkle with icing sugar, cinnamon and serve.

The origin of Moroccan bastila.

Eva20 junio, 2018
Bollos de mantequilla from BilbaoSweets breads & doughs

Bollos de mantequilla from Bilbao

Whoever has been in Bilbao and has not enjoyed bollos de mantequilla or butter buns, has not made the trip as it should be done.

Eva7 marzo, 2018

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