Easter Kulich CruffinVideo recipe

Easter Kulich Cruffin

Since last year I left you the recipe for the classic Easter Kulich, I was eager to leave you another version of this elaboration more updated or modernized. The famous Easter Kulich Cruffin that could be defined as a hybrid between Kulich and Cruffin.
Certainly, this elaboration is basically the same dough of the Kulich that I left you last year, only that the final format of presentation is very different.

Eva19 marzo, 2023
Easter Simnel CakeVideo recipe

Easter Simnel Cake

Easter is coming soon and with it a lot of wonderful and great recipes like this Easter Simnel Cake from the UK. I couldn’t wait for these dates to arrive to share this marvel with you.

Eva12 marzo, 2023


Vampire CocktailDrinks

Vampire Cocktail

I’ve been wanting to share this Vampire Cocktail with you for a long time. But, given the festivities we have just gone through, it didn’t seem like a suitable recipe to share at this time.

Eva6 abril, 2021
Khachapuri, Georgian cheese breadBread

Khachapuri, Georgian cheese bread

Today I’m going to be unfaithful to my sweet & Cakes Friday and, instead, I’m going to leave you with a recipe that I’ve been wanting to try for quite some time. Khachapuri, Georgian cheese bread.

Eva5 abril, 2019

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