Tequila Honey Bee CocktailDrinks

Tequila Honey Bee Cocktail

I had a little abandoned the cocktail posts and I have a huge list of cocktails to make. But it is also true that they are elaborations that as you make them, you have to consume them…. It is for that reason that they take a little longer between them (I usually prepare them on weekends and, I must admit, we do not consume many). The fact is that the day you decide to indulge, you do. Our last one has been this Tequila Honey Bee Cocktail that I had my eye on for a few months.

Eva20 septiembre, 2021
How to make Mooncakes – Red bean pasteVideo recipe

How to make Mooncakes – Red bean paste

A few days ago I told you how to make anko and I mentioned that we would need it for another preparation. 

Eva17 septiembre, 2021


How to make Anko, sweet red bean pasteFermented & preserved food

How to make Anko, sweet red bean paste

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to make Anko, sweet red bean paste, at home. It is a product that has always caught my attention for the mere fact of being made with beans and being sweet. preparations to make and,

Eva14 septiembre, 2021


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