How to make ViennettaVideo recipe

How to make Viennetta

There can’t be a single summer in which we don’t enjoy the mythical Viennetta. I think that along with the Whisky Chilled Cake and the Pijama, it is one of the classic, old and legendary desserts that will always remain fashionable in our hearts… And palate.
These desserts never disappoint and always please. Unless we have had enough of them, in which case, as with any other food, we never want to see it again. But otherwise, they are enjoyed with every spoonful. It is a dessert that revives emotions, experiences and feelings since it was part of our childhood.

Eva7 junio, 2021
Sicilian Watermelon Tart – Crostata al Gelo di AnguriaTarts & Pies

Sicilian Watermelon Tart – Crostata al Gelo di Anguria

Let’s go preparing recipes for the summer, heat and good weather so that we are not caught off guard. The recipe that I bring you today I wanted to do it for a long time, about 2 years, but we know that these things happen many times...

Eva23 mayo, 2021


Green gazpacho with nutsSoups

Green gazpacho with nuts

The traditional gazpacho, elaborated with tomatoes, is one of the most refreshing, tasty and satiating entrees or drinks of the summer. 

Eva5 junio, 2017


Korean cream cheese garlic breadBread

Korean cream cheese garlic bread

A few weeks ago I was watching videos from Youtube and when I finished watching one of the videos, a suggested video of Korean street food came out. As you can imagine, I didn’t have time to watch it, of course! I love all these things and you can always learn new things. 

Eva2 octubre, 2020

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