Russian Napoleon Cake – Puff pastry logVideo recipe

Russian Napoleon Cake – Puff pastry log

I have a confession to make… I’ve been obsessed with Russian culture and gastronomy for a while now. And, the funniest thing of all, is that it has come into my life unexpectedly. Like this Russian Napoleon Cake – Puff pastry log (Торт “Наполеон” из слоеного теста) that has come to my house to stay forever. Forever and ever.
A few days ago two different readers wrote to me asking me if I could make some recipes for the blog, and two of them were Russian.

Eva8 mayo, 2021
Mexican Conchas {Sweet Breads}Sweets breads & doughs

Mexican Conchas {Sweet Breads}

If you are lovers of sweet, tender, spongy breads, but also with history, then you can not miss today’s recipe. I’ve been wanting to prepare the famous Mexican Conchas for a long time, but I’m going to tell you that I haven’t told you before…

Eva9 septiembre, 2019


How to make perfect torreznos, fried baconTapas

How to make perfect torreznos, fried bacon

Today’s recipe may shock you a little for the type of preparation it is. I know that it is not very common that I leave you recipes of this type, but it is also true that if you are like me, people who enjoy eating, there are recipes that we should not let pass without knowing how to prepare them at home. 

Eva18 febrero, 2019
Stuffed tuna eggsTapas

Stuffed tuna eggs

Today I come up with more quick, simple, fresh and classic idea for the summer season, it´s just around the corner. Because I think we should all know how to make Stuffed tuna eggs with the necessary steps to get the best results. Let’s see, we all know that this is a very simple dish to prepare and without any mystery. 

Eva10 junio, 2019
Cilantro soup with shiitake and prawnsSoups

Cilantro soup with shiitake and prawns

I haven’t left you a soup in a while, and every week I prepare a new one. With this cold weather they are very appetising and, in general, they are really simple to make… Not always, though. It’s great to have this kind of recipes because we can enjoy a different and delicious supper in just under 35 minutes.

Eva16 febrero, 2018


Harmony Retro Cake, crepes and fruitsVideo recipe

Harmony Retro Cake, crepes and fruits

Do you believe me if I tell you that from the first second I saw this cake, I fell in love. It was a very intense crush, I found it absolutely beautiful, original and creative. This cake, which I have decided to call Harmony Retro Cake, crepes and fruits, I saw it to a girl, Leckere Minute, on her Youtube channel.

Eva4 marzo, 2022

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