Chapata with poolish – {Video Recipe}

Many of you e-mail me asking me how to make my bread recipes but without sourdough, why are you terrified?! Some of you prefer breads made with yeast or pre-ferments with commercial yeast, no wild yeast (sourdough). Well, today I leave you how to make homemade chapata, and without sourdough …

This type of bread usually likes a lot, perhaps because of its rustic look, its thin and crunchy crust, its crumb so spongy… It is true that it is a very attractive and perfect bread to accompany your prefer snack… A good piece of Spanish omelette or smashed tomato with olive oil and a good cured ham make this bread the perfect base to enjoy it.

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Tourte Croustillante – {Crunchy Cake}

I do not usually bring sweets in the middle of the week … I always post them on Fridays, but every now and then it’s okay to break the routine and treat yourself. And I say it in “Capital Letters” because this Tourte Croustillante is really amazing; flavor, texture, aromas and … yes, tons of butter. But it can not have it all.

This wonder, which I have versioned slightly, is one of my recent books… We are going to leave home with so much book!  “Invitation d’un pâtissier voyageur” by Nicolas Bernardé. Fantastic book throughout. Dream recipes with impeccable photographs, the only thing that in terms of cooking times (at least in this recipe) were not the same.

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Thai coconut butternut squash cream

I keep bringing suggestions of soups, in this case, creams to enjoy both at lunch and dinner. This time is a Thai coconut butternut squash cream with aromatic herbs. Wonderful, really. Of course, spicy, I warn you in advance because I loved it but at home they told me it was too spicy …

It’s difficult for me to define when a dish is very spicy because I like this way, which in my opinion is perfect, it seems to be a significant spice … So if you do not like this flavor so powerful, add less amount of curry paste and Sriracha sauce.

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How to make danish dough – {Video recipe}

Those who follow me on the social nets know that lately I do not stop making puff pastry, besides all the things that I leave them here. After going to the Esmeralda workshop, where I learned valuable information, I encouraged to apply some of this knowledge to make Danish dough.

I have always been fascinated by the puff pastry doughs, achieving hundreds of thin and light layers starting with a dough (détrempe) and butter. For me it is pure magic, to get that structure from such solid elements. Maybe now you understand more this addiction that I have developed …

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