Black Forest Cake

I longed for the cherry season to make this Black Forest Cake. It is not the first time I make it… in fact on the blog there are a couple of old recipes elaborated, more or less, following this recipe. But I really wanted to make a Black Forest with this format.

The more difficult? This hot weather that has arrived from one day to another and made my photo shoot a hell… Mostly because the filling is a vanilla chantilly (more commonly known as whipped cream with a few drops of vanilla ) and it did not tolerate very well the 83ºF that I was suffering in my living room. I was thinking about to turn on the air conditioning! But I restrained myself…

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Bloody Mary soup

I must admit that the more crazy or impossible a recipe seems, the more I like and attract me. Those things that you think about and it seems that can not be true, but yes, like this Bloody Mary soup. It’s a drink that has never particularly called my attention, but when you change the format, spice it up a little more and serve it differently … hey, things change a lot.

Well that happened to me when I first saw a recipe carried out starting from this peculiar cocktail, I was fascinated! You tell me, I will prepare you a Bloody Mary and almost certainly 90% I will say no … now, tell me if I want a Bloody Mary soup. Already only for the intrigue of how the recipe evolves and changes in the palate, to surprise with total security, I will say yes.

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Rugelach, Jewish cookies {Video recipe}

Today’s recipe is as simple and grateful as you can imagine, and I’m sure many of you already know it. Rugelach, are Jewish cookies of Askhenazi origin (so called the Jews settled in Central and Eastern Europe) with a crescent shaped in its most traditional format.

At first it may seem like a little croissant, but it’s just a first impression. It was said that croissant and rugelach had a Viennese ancestor in common apparently to commemorate the Battle of Vienna against the Ottoman Empire in 1683 for its similar appearance.

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Roasted potatoes stuffed with pineapple kimchi

Almost a year ago I shared in IG a photo of a new variety of kimchi that I wanted to try, a pineapple kimchi. I had never before tried it with fruit and I wanted to try an invention like that. A couple of weeks ago we tried it and decided to bring it in this recipe of roasted potatoes stuffed with pineapple kimchi.

After that photo, we made 141 oz (4 kg) more of that same variety. I know it was very risky since we did not know if we would like it… but it was also possible that it was great and we regret. So we made several kilos in total of kimchi, sauerkraut (recipes only available in Spanish by the moment) and this pineapple kimchi. Long live the fermentation!

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