Stuffed green peppers with mole negro sauce

If you like spicy dishes, you can not miss these stuffed peppers with mole negro sauce. How much flavor united in a single dish, is fascinating. Yes, intense flavors, strong and with a lot of personality.

I saw the recipe on the blog Festing at Home, I fell in love. One day talking to a good friend recommended me this blog, of which I was totally in love, and I already have many of their recipes awaiting. Do not miss it, I’m sure it will fascinate you.

First of all I would like to clarify, especially for my Mexican readers, that the recipe for mole negro is not the original and traditional. It is a much simpler adaptation in which processes and ingredients have been modified. But I have to make a real mole negro when I can gather all the necessary ingredients.

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Homemade fresh cheese

Do you remember that a few days ago I told you, through my social networks, that I had gotten into another mess? Well, you know what it is, I started in the cheeses world. If I do not know how to be still, I know. Now we have the perfect combo at home, bread, cheese … well, maybe I need some homemade beer. But who knows! Everything can come.

To begin I chose the easiest and simplest variety, the fresh cheese. It may be the least attractive, but I have to start at the beginning to evolve properly. The process does not have greater difficulty, we just have to control the temperature cooking, add the necessary ingredients and press. In just over 24 hours we will be enjoying our own homemade fresh cheese.

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Strudel, how to make phyllo dough {Video recipe}

Today I come with a recipe that you asked me a lot, a lot and is how to make homemade phyllo dough. We will use this dough to see how to make Strudel or Apfelstrudel, which is a sin of Gods.

I taught this recipe in one of my online workshops and my pupils always were willing to make it. It may seem like a very complex dough, but nothing beyond the truth, all it requires is a good kneading to get a perfectly develop gluten. It is the only way in which we can obtain a transparent and elastic dough. Well,  something more, but that’s what I’m telling you next.

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Bánh Xèo {Vietnamese crepes}

Today’s recipe will delight you! It is not only those recipes that love just seeing them, but also is very simple and quick to elaborate and is absolutely delicious. Bánh Xèo or Vietnamese crepes, remember this name because it has arrived into your life to stay forever and ever.

Surely many of you already know them, lucky you, I just had the pleasure of enjoying them a few weeks ago and I thought … why has it arrived so late? The truth is that I have not enough hours by day, I would like to be able to cook everything that I have on my list but then I would live continuously in my kitchen and without any life beyond the stoves. Do not you think this would make me unhappy …

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