Spicy ramen with tofu

I thought that with the arrival of nice weather I would not be able to try this soup that makes me crazy! Yes, I know, we are still in March and cold days have to be more… but with these great days it seems that the spring is closer. The fact is that I have made my first soup of this variety, spicy ramen with tofu.

I’ve always been incredibly attracted to this type of soup, it’s like an energy pump, flavor and textures all contained in a bowl. I have many recipes waiting to be cooked, but I wanted to start with a simple one. To have a first contact.

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Laminated Danish sandwich loaf {Video recipe}

Soon the heat will arrive and there are elaborations that I will not be able to do because of the high temperatures and the butter, they are not friends … I had kept this bread many years ago, waiting to be able to do it in conditions and with an optimum result. After several weeks, almost a couple of months, working the rolled dough at last I can leave you how to make this laminated Danish sandwich loaf.

I followed The Fresh Loaf  indications to make it, but my dough is totally different from the one he uses. In my case I made it with a Danish dough but, of course, you can make it with any type of pastry dough you just work. I tell you because many times we have our “perfect” recipe that we know never fails or we are accustomed to working with it and we know 100% that the results will be great.

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Nordic Stone Age Bread

The recipe I share today was very shocking and attractive when I saw it, first of all its name and second itss appearance, which is very peculiar. Nordic Stone Age Bread, is it cool or not?

The first thing that you have thought is that it is not a bread as we know it, perhaps it would be more correct to classify it as a nuts bread or nuts and seeds bread since the closest thing to this is its format. It is a “bread” you only need to make nuts, seeds, eggs, oil, salt and some spice in case we want to season it. Mix and bake. Easy peasy.

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Chickpea waffles with Moroccan carrots

I do not know if most of you are more sweet taste than salty … For example, at home, they like salty more than sweet (except me, I have no hopeless!) So I always look for different options for them. The last has been these chickpea waffles with Moroccan carrots and yogurt, walnuts and white miso sauce.

Glad they’re home! They liked the idea of making waffles in a salty version and accompanying it with a light and flavorful garnish. Well, not for my child… He almost prefers to take them just like with some yogurt and pecan nuts sauce.

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