Lamb stuffed quinces with pomegranate and cilantro

If you are not sure what to make on your Christmas menu, I suggest you these lamb stuffed quinces with pomegranate and cilantro. May be it looks peculiar, but I promise that it is a surprising and attractive meal.

Many of you will know who makes this recipe, but if you won´t I tell you. My dear Ottolenghi, I really admire his work because he always manages incredible combinations. There are persons with an special talent to reach perfection and one of them is him. this recipe is from his book “Jerusalem“, I am sure you know it and probably… you got it!

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Christmas Tree Bread, crowning our table these days

I had long been without publish bread recipes, even though I make them each week. That may be due to the amount of recipes that I want to share with you. But this year can not end without a new bread recipe like this Christmas Tree Bread.

Why this name? The way it looks, of course! It has even its own star! I think it is a perfect name for these days… 😉

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Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

Winter without hot chocolate is like a garden without flowers… Imposible, from every angle. Worst is that I had never posted a recipe from it. Ok, I know it hasn´t got any mystery, simple to make: heat, mix and serve. But spices, different chocolates… can make it better. So, I bring you an awesome gingerbread hot chocolate.

May be you are thinking… another recipe with gingerbread? (pain d´épices) Yes! I love these aromas and it is wonderful in hot chocolate.

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Vietnamese rice paper rolls, spring rolls

I had never worked before with rice paper and, for my first time (I think that I risked a lot!), I decided to make these Vietnamese rice paper rolls stuffed with prawns, vegetables and served with two dipping sauces; miso ginger and peanut. To be honest, I didn´t think that they were complicated to work, and they were at first.

Rice papers are round and firm sheets, to work with them it is necessary to hydrate them before so we can roll or mould them the way we prefer. May be you are thinking, easy, but you must know it´s very important not to hydrate them too much time or we can´t work well with them because they become very sticky. Especially to itself.

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