Red miso and nori seaweed buns

Actually I read a lot of Japanese books and I think that it is influencing me…until I need to make these red miso and nori seaweed buns. In fact, I have some awesome recipes. Many of them are traditional from Japanese cuisine and other are inspired from this gastronomy, such as I let you today.

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Kouign Amann, butter cake

A perfect weekend is which I will suggest you, make Kouign Amann. Sure! I don´t know if you know this incredible pastry, but if you don´t, please… hurry!!

The name Kouign Amann derives from the Breton language words: cake “kouign” and butter “amann”. It is a speciality from Douarnenez, Brittany, a Breton cake. This pastry was made with bread dough (actually with a viennoiserie dough) with layers of butter and sugar folded in.

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How to make marinated sardines

{From now, I will write in both languages (Spanish and English) I will try to make the best I can. As you can imagine, english is not my maternal language so if you read mistakes, please, let me know to make it better. Many thanks in advance and welcome! }

I am sure you have though several times to make homemade preserves. And it would be sure that many of you already make them. But, if you are not one of them… I invite you to start with these marinated sardines. It is too easy and results are great.

The most important part to make this or another kind of preserve is to choose good quality ingredients. We must choose fresh fish, good olive oil (if it possible) and good white wine vinegar.

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