Vietnamese rice paper rolls, spring rolls

I had never worked before with rice paper and, for my first time (I think that I risked a lot!), I decided to make these Vietnamese rice paper rolls stuffed with prawns, vegetables and served with two dipping sauces; miso ginger and peanut. To be honest, I didn´t think that they were complicated to work, and they were at first.

Rice papers are round and firm sheets, to work with them it is necessary to hydrate them before so we can roll or mould them the way we prefer. May be you are thinking, easy, but you must know it´s very important not to hydrate them too much time or we can´t work well with them because they become very sticky. Especially to itself.

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Jam and candied cherries flowers, the return of vintage desserts

I must admit that the day in which I saw these jam and candied cherries flowers I was fascinated by them, they look incredibly vintage. It was as I was looking a recipe book from forties or fifties, very classical, but simple and elegant. Decorated with icing sugar and jam… I couldn´t resist!

I think this kind os desserts are charming, but not like aspic fruits… This is different, can make you to fall in love. Perfect to have with a cup of tea.

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Cheese Blintz Soufflé, the best crepe cake

I have always been a super fan of cheesecakes… and everything related with cheese. I love it, at my parents home we looked like mice. It was always a good time to eat cheese. I haven´t made cheesecakes from long time ago, so when I saw this Cheese Blintz Soufflé I felt in love and had to make it immediately!

It is a great recipe, I think that it join each element to make a perfect afternoon weekend: crepes, cheesecake, custard… I think it would only need a good film and a blanket!

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Miso Soup with shiitake and wakame

Miso soup is a traditional recipe from Japanese cuisine and we can find several ways to make it. It could be added a large amount of ingredients, but all recipes have two ingredients in common; broth base plain, that could be made it with konbu, shiitake, katsuobushi or a combination of them, and miso in any of its varieties.

The recipe that I share with you is from Hideo Dekura from his book “Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki and Tempura“. I have made a small change, I use katsuobushi and konbu broth and Hideo uses katsuo broth. I had some broth frozen from the last time. And I don´t use tofu because I don´t like it too much… Instead I use mushrooms, which I love!

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