Kaiser rolls

Are you one of those who likes to enjoy a good homemade bun with a succulent filling? If yes and / or before finishing reading the phrase, you had already thought “yes” too, today I bring your recipe. Kaiser rolls or cotton cloud buns … because they are extraordinarily tender and fluffy.

At Easter I told you on my social networks that I was working on some new versions of vegetable burgers to share with you on my return … Well, but these burgers will have to go inside of some bun, right? So that was how the love between these Kaiser rolls and me came up. We were joined by the passion for hamburgers.

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Strawberry, peppermint and pink pepper tart

I recognize that I enjoy very much doing this type of cakes with fruits, in fact almost always I am thinking of possible combinations with fruits, aromatic herbs, spices … Not only because they are very tasty, but also because I love the whole process of creation. Starting from the moment I decide what fruit to use until the last when I find myself decorating it before photographing it. This strawberry, peppermint and pink pepper tart was thought for this time of year in which we can enjoy the strawberries at their best.

It is a fruit with a lot of color and flavor, but something funny happens to me and it is that I do not usually feel like consuming it until the moment I do it. If there are other fruits, I leave the last choice strawberries (do not tell me why). But when I try something elaborate with them, I usually like it a lot.

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Red pepper pizza with eggplant, anchovies and black olives

Well, I am already back after a few rest days that were of imperious necessity. Have you missed me? Surely not! More than anything because I have left a bit of a truce with so many recipes that you tell me you are accumulating. But, I have already arrived again and I do it with this red pepper pizza with eggplant, anchovies and black olives.

Had long wanted to share another new version of pizza dough, now that the good weather is coming, I would like to have such recipes on hand to enjoy with a good fresh beer.

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Stuffed green peppers with mole negro sauce

If you like spicy dishes, you can not miss these stuffed peppers with mole negro sauce. How much flavor united in a single dish, is fascinating. Yes, intense flavors, strong and with a lot of personality.

I saw the recipe on the blog Festing at Home, I fell in love. One day talking to a good friend recommended me this blog, of which I was totally in love, and I already have many of their recipes awaiting. Do not miss it, I’m sure it will fascinate you.

First of all I would like to clarify, especially for my Mexican readers, that the recipe for mole negro is not the original and traditional. It is a much simpler adaptation in which processes and ingredients have been modified. But I have to make a real mole negro when I can gather all the necessary ingredients.

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