Baguettes with olive flour

Today I come with a variety, somewhat peculiar, of the traditional baguettes. We will make them a bit special and we will prepare baguettes with olive flour. Yes, you have read it perfectly, olive flour. This flour is made from the olive seeds milling. The flavor is very pleasant and intense, transforming our breads completely.

In addition, with the arrival of good weather always like making short getaways in the countryside and enjoy some good homemade sandwiches. If we use homemade bread, much better. These baguettes are made with yeast, which is the traditional method to elaborate them, since this type of bread originated to speed up the baking process after the law imposed on bakers in the year 1920.

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Braided bread, cocoa and cherry {Video recipe}

I’ve been making different kinds of homemade breads, every week at least I bake one and I always try to make it in different shapes. When I make many elaborations alike, I end up getting tired of the shape and I need to change it … Hence I decided to make this braided bread with cacao and cherries.

When I thought about the combination of flavors, lately I can not take cherries out of my head, I was not clear on which shape I would give it. In fact I started with an idea, but as I prepared the dough, I changed it to this, a braided bread.

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Shrimp Wontons Sichuan-Style

Recently  I left you how to make wonton wrappers and today I bring you a filling suggestion that has fascinated us at home. Shrimp wontons Sichuan-Style, wonderful.

The usual thing is to find wontons stuffed with pork and, at some time or other, stuffed with a meat and shrimp mixture. I really like the meat but I do not eat it too much … I almost prefer to eat fish or seafood and vegetables. So when I thought about a filling for them, the idea of shrimp + spicy soon came to my mind.

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How to make wonton wrappers – {Video recipe}

It was time to prepare homemade wonton wrappers, mostly because we really like this type of cuisine at home and when we go out to Asian restaurants, these are the essential dishes. My son loves them, they freak out, he can eat tons of them … and when I told him I was going to make them at home, he was full of excitement!

The truth that is a dough very easy to elaborate, it reminds me a lot of homemade pasta recipe, only that with a finer flour (no semola) and added water. Well, only here, because the kneading process is much more laborious. It is a dough that requires a lot of kneading time because we need to obtain a perfectly developed gluten.

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