Black sesame and gomasio sourdough bread

This black sesame and gomasio sourdough bread is a crazy idea, that I have from time to time, and I did not really know how it will go. I took time thinking about to make one sourdough bread with dough cuts on its top and sprinkle with some flour to create a contrast of color.

Well, as you have seen below, I forgot sprinkling with flour (cover sesame dough cuts to keep them clean). Maybe the result it would have been like a “flamenco bread”. But flavor and aroma was incredibly interesting so I decided to share with you, even though do not make what I want. It isn´t a problem, because I make breads every weeks so I will repeat this idea in the future.

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Banoffee Pie

I have seen Banoffee pie in a lot of books, blogs… but I always though, I will make it someday. Well, this day arrived thanks to Christophe Adam book,”Caramel“.

It is a kind of tart that could go unnoticed in his book because it has not got great decorations or a presentation very attractive. I was taking a look at his book looking for a filling for one tart and… I find this tart. It was so easy and simple, but I loved it. He makes this tarta with an almond pastry, a creamy caramel banana filling and Chantilly cream for decorate, in one side.

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Roasted artichokes with truffled poached eggs

We are going to prepare the body and make a detox diet, but tasty. How? With these roasted artichokes with truffled poached eggs. A seasonal recipe, now we can find fantastic artichokes in the market, with few ingredients and really easy to make.

To serve we will make truffled poached eggs. If you have already taken a look to the photos, you won´t see truffle… I have used instead a white truffle salt with an incredible taste and aroma. Enough to get a potent taste, but without cost us an arm and a leg.

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Marinated tomatoes and mascarpone rolls

One of the most useful and healthy things are sandwiches and rolls (not only salads). But we can go further. These marinated tomatoes and mascarpone rolls with fresh basil are a great option if you want to enjoy a freshly baked bread stuffed and flavorful.

I took the idea from one of my favorites books, Le Grenier à Pain, I have spoken about it some times. It is a really good book. The idea is the same from the book, but I used my own recipes to make them. The reason is not that they are bad, absolutely, but I am used to work with them and I get always a great results.

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