Thai coconut butternut squash cream

I keep bringing suggestions of soups, in this case, creams to enjoy both at lunch and dinner. This time is a Thai coconut butternut squash cream with aromatic herbs. Wonderful, really. Of course, spicy, I warn you in advance because I loved it but at home they told me it was too spicy …

It’s difficult for me to define when a dish is very spicy because I like this way, which in my opinion is perfect, it seems to be a significant spice … So if you do not like this flavor so powerful, add less amount of curry paste and Sriracha sauce.

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How to make danish dough – {Video recipe}

Those who follow me on the social nets know that lately I do not stop making puff pastry, besides all the things that I leave them here. After going to the Esmeralda workshop, where I learned valuable information, I encouraged to apply some of this knowledge to make Danish dough.

I have always been fascinated by the puff pastry doughs, achieving hundreds of thin and light layers starting with a dough (détrempe) and butter. For me it is pure magic, to get that structure from such solid elements. Maybe now you understand more this addiction that I have developed …

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Tangerine cinnamon bread

A few weeks ago I started working with this tangerine cinnamon bread, I was obsessed with it and since then I have done it a total of 4 times. The reason was that I was not gotten with the result that I looked for in taste and texture, especially the last.

I wanted to get a crumb very fluffy, like a cloud, with soft citrus aromas joined to cinnamon cream layers and, finally, in the last attempt I found what I was looking for. Everything was when I saw this bread from FOOD52, recipe by Maida Heatter from her book “Best dessert book ever“. The shape stole my heart…

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Yoghurt soup with poached egg

If you like to enjoy breakfast time you can not miss this yoghurt soup with poached egg and chili oil. I know that you probably find it strange to mix yoghurt and egg in the same dish, but I assure that the combination of both is very pleasant and really surprising.

This recipe comes from a book that I have recently recommended to you, Magic Soup, I have changed some ingredients to my personal taste. For example truffle salt , fresh oregano and the recipe to elaborate the chili oil.

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