Tabatière Bread from Jura {Video recipe}

Lately I am looking for different breads that may have behind a curious story, such as the one I left you last week, look different or just catch my attention for some reason. This time I bring you this Tabatière Bread, a bread with French origin, specifically from Jura, which owes its name to its similarity to the packets of tobacco or old box of cigarettes (in French, tabatière).

This bread is really attractive thanks to the “tongue” that covers the top of the bread. Of course it becomes much more attractive if we get it to rise, curl and take a wavy form.I have developed the combination of flour for this elaboration to my choice, a basic bread recipe with wheat flour / s, sourdough (or yeast if preferred), salt and water.

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Roasted red pepper and strawberry cream

Lately, I look like the soup girl. I’ve developed a terrible addiction to them and I’m always trying and searching for new ideas. This roasted red pepper and strawberry cream is an adaptation from Sugar et Al soup.

I give you my word that I was hallucinating when I saw that exquisite combination. It could not seem more perfect, surprising and original. I did not take too long to make it … it was too tempting to let it wait.

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Hot Cross Buns – Easter buns {Video recipe}

I never imagined that these buns could be so incredibly good. Surely you’ve seen them a thousand times and they may seem like another sweet roll. These Hot Cross Buns have been a discovery of taste and texture without a doubt, at home we have loved it.

It is tradition to consume these spiced buns at Easter. Its appearance, with a cross on the surface, is a symbol believed to represent the crucifixion. I say it is believed because the Anglo-Saxons already consumed buns marked with a cross prior to the Christianity expansion.

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Two Castle Rye {A bread with legend}

The first thing I fell in love with this bread was its beautiful name and its legend, we usually get carried away by sight rather than by other factors (in terms of food), but this time was completely different. One day I was looking through my book of the Advanced Bread and Pastry and I found this bread, Two Castle Rye.

Just the name already made me stop on that page, is one of those recipes that does not have a photograph. We only find the formula to make it out and a summary of the process. I honestly was very angry because “I needed to see that bread”.

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